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WashCode System

Our WashCode system makes the carwash a true part of your retail petroleum business

Maximize the use of your car wash 

WashCode’s tight integration with your fuel/retail POS system brings your carwash products into the scope of your retail convenience/petroleum business

WashCode System
WashCode System
  • Enables the sale of carwash codes, and multi-wash cards that can be used at any location within your carwash network.  

  • Close the accounting loop by supporting all industry-standard gas pump interface protocols

  • Designed for easy installation and configuration to operate with Allows up to 12 different wash packages

  • Includes a verify code feature to determine whether a wash code has been sold, used, or expired

  • Multiuser support with password-controlled access

  • Password protection for user operation, administration, and set-up features

  • Ability to generate user reports, periodic sales, and usage reports


  • Simple integration with ICS WashConnect, PDQ WALS, or Kesseltronics WebCode to enable the sale of products that can be used at any site

  • Simple tie-in to sell wash products that can be added to custom/white label mobile apps 

  • Ability to set up time-based wash upgrades at no charge

  • Ability to set up pre-pay and post-pay customer accounts and detailed tracking of their use

  • Generate sales invoices for customer accounts

  • Emails pertinent sales and carwash usage information

  • Expanded local storage capability of sales data and detailed reporting capability

  • Optional informer carwash diagnostic module

  • Share codes between multiple car washes through the internet


WashCode System
WashCode System

Our Offsite WashCode point-of-sale system allows carwash products to be sold at non-carwash locations

  • Designed for easy installation and integration within any retail petroleum site.

  • WashCode terminals can be connected to Cortex/Webcode or ICS WasConnect to allow the sale of single-use codes and multi-use cards that can be used at any wash.

  • Offsite POS Systems can be located anywhere (no distance limitations)

  • Codes can be redeemed at the Kesseltronics and ICS Kiosks

  • POS system can easily be relocated to a new sales location

  • Email daily sales reports from the POS to the owner

  • Interactive touchscreen interface

  • Includes printer and ethernet port

  • Revenue-sharing software integrated

WashCode System

Sell multipack carwash by adding a WashCode card reader to your WashCode systems.

WashCode System
  • Sell gift/multi-use/subscription cards

  • Robust and waterproof outdoor card reader

  • Detailed reports on card usage

  • Other card readers available for your self-service and vacuum cleaners

  • Personalized magnetic cards

  • Confirmation email after using the cards

  • Summary email after the billing period

  • Web interface to access transactions

DealerCode System: Car Wash Efficiency Redefined

DealerCode System
  • 6 Re-Programmable Fixed Codes

  • Produce and Print Usage Reports of Each Individual Code

  • Clear Counters for Each of the 6 Codes

  • Ideal for Car Dealerships and Car Rental Applications

Fully integrate the carwash into your retail environment

WashCode System
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