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You can contact us through the form, address, or phone number below. We are located just west of the island of Montreal, Quebec. Our new state-of-the-art facilities house a dynamic team of professionals ready to meet your challenges.

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OPW - Vehichle Wash Systems

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is a family of industry leaders, including PDQ Manufacturing Inc., Belanger Inc., Innovative Control Systems (ICS), and Kesseltronics Systems. PDQ is a preeminent provider of in-bay automatic wash systems, while Belanger is an innovative leader in soft-touch tunnel and in-bay automatic systems. ICS provides industry-leading car wash technology, like payment terminals, process controls, and software management and automation systems, and Kesseltronics designs machine controls for successful tunnel wash operations. Together, these companies create a revolutionary single source for all vehicle wash needs.

United We Wash

Innovative Control Systems
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