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Car Wash Tunnel Controllers

Managing your car wash just got easier, control multiple sites from one place with the next generation tunnel controller

Designed with Your

Car Wash in Mind

Our r-TC Remote Tunnel Controller has revolutionized the way you manage your car wash. With remote access, you can manage your site from virtually anywhere. Say goodbye to being tethered to your equipment and hello to increased freedom and efficiency. Contact us today and see the difference our technology can make in your business.

Car Wash Tunnel Controllers
Car Wash Tunnel Controllers
Car Wash Tunnel Controllers
Car Wash Tunnel Controllers

• INPUTS: 20



Car Wash Tunnel Controllers
Car Wash Tunnel Controllers


• INPUTS: 30



Car Wash Tunnel Controllers
Car Wash Tunnel Controllers


• INPUTS: 40



Also Available: r-TC2000

•    OUTPUTS: 20

•    INPUTS: 10

Remote Access

Remote Tunnel Controller offers you the flexibility to manage your site from anywhere. The r-TC hosts a Web interface used to allow remote computers to connect to the r-TC and monitor or configure the car wash. All configurable aspects of the car wash are accessible through the r-TC’s Web interface. Program your tunnel remotely without interrupting the flow of business. Access detailed reports from your on or off-site office. Update your tunnel with new packages or pricing. remove the guesswork for express exteriors, where no technician is on-site by giving technicians a tool to remotely diagnose the problem.

A car wash will typically offer different levels of car washing services to their clients, for an additional cost extra washing and waxing can be included.  The web interface allows these different car wash packages to be built up and configured easily. 

Remote Access

Vivid Display

Large touchscreen displays are very user-friendly and on-site maintenance and programming benefit from clear, graphical feedback. The LCD screen on the push button station (PBS) aids in alerting you to the ongoing status of your tunnel. Emailed alerts warn of potential or current conditions in the tunnel. Standard features, including auto pulse, auto gate, anti-collision, look ahead, entrance sign, wetdown, choice to program with pulses or inches, and vehicle stacking are included in the r-TC.

The r-TC provides unparalleled quality.

Vivid Display

Utilizing the latest industry technologies, the r-TC incorporates several advanced features:

  • • Building Management

        -Sump Pump Outputs

        -RO Bay Window Washer

        -Air Makeup Unit Control

    • Entrance/Exit Door Control

        -Air Curtain, Air Doors & Overhead Doors

    • Auto Start

    • Auto Rollers

    • Loading Sign Control

    • Safety Shutdown

    • Exit Anti-Collision

    • Car Progress Detector

    • Auto Stacker

    • Loaded Gate Control

  • • Web Interface

    • Access From Any Internet Terminal

    • Remote Programming

    • Remote Reporting

    • Remote Updating

    • Remote Management

    • Remote Troubleshooting

    • Program While the System Is Running

    • Secure Package Building

    • WiFi Enabled (encrypted access)

  • • Preventative Maintenance

    • Ultrasound Sensors

    • Temperature Sensors (water, air, etc.)

    • VFD Outputs (variable frequency drive)

    • Alarm History Log

    • Email Alerts and Reports

    • Black Box Recorder

  • ​• Color Touchscreen
    • Equipment-Based Programming
    • Modbus Interface
    • Industrial Strength Noise Immunity
    • Industrial MMi
    • Easily Expandable
    • Shift and Period Reports
    • Employees Tracking

  • ​• Advanced Entrance Keypad
    • Conveyor Pause Function
    • Built-in Prep-Gun Timers
    • Built-in Emergency Stop (hardwired)
    • 23 Programmable Keys with LCD Display
    • Vital Input State indicators (Gate, Pulse, etc.)

  • ​• Pre-mounted in Motor Control Panel
    • Remote Communication & Diagnostics
    • Tunnel Entrance Keypad
    • Motor Control Center
    • Reports & Receipt Printer
    • Solid State Relay Outputs
    • Full VGa Screen

Get All the Tools You Need To Control Your Tunnel In a Single Piece of Equipment

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