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Drive Clean Teller

Your New Car Wash Teller & Cashless Payment Solution

Take Customer Experience to the Next Level

Our DriveClean Teller is a cashless unit that simplifies the payment process for your customers. By eliminating the need for cash transactions, we streamline the car wash process and enhance the customer experience. The DriveClean Teller is the perfect choice for car wash owners looking to modernize their facility and increase profitability.

Drive Clean Teller

EMV approved in Canada and USA

Integrates with legacy account management systems

Simple Tap Payment (Credit card, Interac, and Apple Pay)

Sunlight readable 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen

High-speed thermal receipt printer

Simple integration with Cortex for advanced reporting

Designed for easy installation and configuration

Mobile Drive | Clean App (iOS & Android)

Simple integration with WebCode

User-friendly customer experience

DriveClean Without Cash Hassles

Easily integrate Our Drive Clean Mobile App to Your Drive Clean Teller!

DriveClean Teller integrates with the DriveClean Movile App!
Download the DriveClean Mobile APP on the Apple App Store
Download the DriveClean Mobile APP on the Google Play Store

Boost Sales & Efficiency,

Switch to Cashless Payments

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