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Cortex -Keseltronics Information Manager

Real-Time Sales, Performance Data, and So Much More 24/7 Via the Internet

Powerful Software to Monitor Your Entire Car Wash Network

Using only a web browser CortexTM provides detailed financial and wash activity reporting.  In addition, CortexTM warns of any equipment problems and when they have been resolved.

Every car wash device reporting to CortexTM sends a message to a centralized server for every car washed and for every financial transaction made. CortexTM saves the data and can then generate reports summarizing the information.

Online convenience, CortexTM consolidates all your reports and helps you closely monitor how well your sites are doing in terms of sales. With clear sales and historical information, you can adjust promotional offers to suit market conditions and drive further sales.

Cortex -Keseltronics Information Manager
Cortex -Keseltronics Information Manager
  • Wash Preformance

  • Sales Reports

  • Activity Reports

  • Hourly Activity​

  • Alert History

  • Site Reports

  • Group Comparison Reports

  • AWS Hosting for industry-leading security and reliability


Central code database that allows you to activate and use codes from multiple locations

Designed for WashCode

WebCode simplifies the car washing experience with our cutting-edge technology. Our shareable, one-time-use codes can be used for a worry-free cleaning or gifted to others. Our multiwash gift cards are perfect for frequent cleans and our straightforward subscription provides daily washes for up to 90 days. And our batch wash codes make it easy for businesses to offer promotions to potential customers. Let WebCode take care of your car washing needs today!

Software As a Service

Software as a Service

Our cutting-edge hosted carwash management products CortexTM/WebCodexTM are built using the best available platforms from Google and AWS to ensure unparalleled performance coupled with industry-leading data security. 

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